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Alessa Records (initiated 2004 in Hagenberg, Austria) is a record label mainly releasing in the genre jazz and jazzrock.[1]


After more than 25 years of experience in the music business Peter Guschelbauer decided to start a record label with music of the highest quality. The name is derived from the nickname of his daughter Alexandra, who was one and a half year at the time of foundation. After discovering Jimi Hendrix in the late 1960s, Guschelbauer trans directed towards John Coltrane and the jazz. The fusion of jazz and rock became close to his heart the record label reflect this interest. Guschelbauer operates a recording studio in Hagenberg, some labels, publishing and distribution. Another centerpiece of the company is the event equipment, are being cared for primarily cultural festivals such as the Inntöne Jazz Festival, Gmunden Festival, Jazz Festival Steyr, STIWA Jazz Forum in Hagenberg, Tuesday the Bluesday in the Linz Labour, open the town hall square airs in Leonding.[2]


Albums (in selection)[3]
Catalogue no. Artist Title Release date Format
ALR 1001 Paul Zauner Ensemble feat. Eddie Henderson Association 2004 CD
ALR 1002 John Abercrombie, Arthur Blythe, Terri Lyne Carrington, Anthony Cox, Mark Feldman, Gust Tsilis Echoes 2005 CD
ALR 1003 Clemens Salesny / Bumi Fian Quintet Always Blue 2004 CD
ALR 1004 Uri Caine, Gust Tsilis Pure Affection 2007 CD
ALR 1005 Olga Konkova, Per Mathisen with Ole Mathisen, Gary Husband Unbound 2006 CD
ALR 1006 Straight Six Live At Birdland Neuburg/Germany 2009 CD
ALR 1007 Sandra Rose / Uwe Urbanowski Gern Bereit 2007 CD
ALR 1008 Georg Braith 3 Live At Jazz Am Berg 2007 CD
ALR 1009 Memory Control The Wonderful Music Gives Happy You 2006 CD
ALR 1010 Modern Shape Quartet Laubwald 2013 CD
ALR 1011 Gino Sitson Way To Go 2009 CD
ALR 1012 Alex Pinter Quartet Pay 8 Get 10! 2009 CD
ALR 1013 Joris Dudli Sextet A Rewarding Journey 2008 CD
ALR 1014 Acuña / Hoff / Mathisen Jungle City 2009 CD
ALR 1015 Klemens Marktl's Free Spirit Quartet Live 2010 CD
ALR 1016 John B. Willams Arabesque 2011 CD
ALR 1017 Stillexperienced The Idea Of Gil Evans ... 2011 CD
ALR 1018 Stringzone II Cookin' At Hvaler 2011 CD
ALR 1019 Andy Middleton Trio Three Hearts, Three Minds 2011 CD
ALR 1020 Anna Lauvergnac Unless There's Love 2011 CD
ALR 1021 Trio Akk:zent So Oder So 2012 CD
ALR 1022 Crossing Borders Trapezoid 2012 CD
ALR 1023 Leopoldo F. Fleming, Chris Gonsior Trato Común 2013 CD
ALR 1024 Andrea Veneziani Trio feat. Kenny Werner Oltreoceano 2012 CD
ALR 1025 Vid Jamnik Quartet Last Minute 2013 CD
ALR 1026 Bettina Krenosz Double Rainbow 2013 CD
ALR 1027 Menza - Chicco - Reiter [de] Non Dimenticar 2014 CD
ALR 1028 John B. Willams African Queen 2014 CD
ALR 1029 Soo Cho / Javier Girotto Ballerina 2013 CD
ALR 1030 Ori Dakari Solid Ground 2014 CD
ALR 1031 Summer's End Trio Day After Day 2014 CD
ALR 1032 Anna Lauvergnac Coming Back Home 2013 CD
ALR 1033 Ochsenbauer meets Sokal Secret Bass Hits 2013 CD
ALR 1034 Trio Akk:Zent Solidaire 2014 CD
ALR 1035 Gernot Bernroider's Culturessence Homebound 2015 CD
ALR 1036 Heginger - Herbert - Cech Springlink 2015 CD
ALR 1037 Mathisen - Robin - Borlai Ospitalita Generosa 2015 CD
ALR 1039 Kosmotron Hexagon 2015 CD


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