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Alexander Voytoych
Born 1971
Lviv, Ukraine
Education L'viv Decorative and Applied Art College named after Iv. Trush and the Lviv National Academy of Arts
Known for Oil painting, Drawing

Alexander (Oleksandr) Voytovych (Ukrainian: Олександр Войтович, Russian: Александр Войтович) (1971, Lviv)  is a Ukrainian contemporary artist. Figurative painting characterizes the majority of his work, and portrait and naked model painting are two main themes of his art.


Alexander Voytovych was educated at L'viv Decorative and Applied Art College named after Iv. Trush and the Lviv National Academy of Arts
1994 "One for all", National Museum in L'viv, Ukraine
1995-1996 International Plein Airs, Budapest
1997-2000 Uzhgorod Picture Gallery, Ukraine, Uzhhorod
1998 "Art at the turn of millennia", Museum of Ethnography and Art Crafts NAS of Ukraine, L'viv
1999 The first author's project "Inspiratio" of art group "Polychrome" - visual penetration into the past and transformation in contemporary secret. The project generated considerable excitement and mixed reviews, Art-Cultural Center "Dzyga"
2000 Laureate of "Autumn salon" diptych by "objective reality" in collaboration with Ivanka Voytovych, L'viv Palace of Arts, Ukraine

  • Lviv’s portrait exhibition "Persona", L'viv Palace of Arts, Ukraine

2001 One-man exhibition "Capriccio…" — grotesque eroticism against Galician conservatism, gallery "Gerdan", Lviv
2002-2004 Exhibitions in Spain

  • Charity Project "Originales Solidarios", Barcelona-Valencia, Spain
  • One-man exhibition, La Galeria de Soledad Arroyo Gill, Toledo, Spain
  • Centro Municipal de las Artes de Alcorcon, Madrid
  • Galeria Nova Rua, Lugo
  • I PREMIO INTERNACIONAL de ARTES PLASTICAS "Aires de Cordoba",[1] a prize drawing and One-man exhibition in the gallery "Aires de Cordoba", Córdoba, Spain

2003 One-man exhibition "Women’s whims", Budapest, Hungary

  • "Absinthe and Absence - a sweet Taste of Decadence" Art-Cultural Center "Soviart", Kiev, Ukraine

2003-2006 Exhibitions in Poland

2004 Erotic Art Exhibition "Apple from Eva", gallery "Uzhgorod", Uzhgorod, Ukraine

2005 PREMIO WEB COLOR 2005, award in the category painting, gallery "Kleinos", Italy

  • Project Gallery Antiquity "Three crowns", Lviv — Kiev

2006 Together with the poet Alexander Gavrosh edition of poetry collection "A BODY OF AN ARCHERESS", is an attempt to recreate a myth about a perfect Woman with man's hands – hands of a poet Alexander Gavrosh and an artist Alexander Voytovych
2006-2009 A series of personal art projects

  • "Allegory on high heels",[2][3] gallery "Green sofa",[4] Lviv
  • "ECSTASY Exiting daily routine" [5]— sacrality appeal to the idea that the body is experiencing ecstasy and attempt to understand the nature of ecstasy, Museum of ideas, Lviv
  • " Salome is not only…Kiev Academic Youth Theatre[6]
  • "Noble Entertaining In Ten Portraits"[7][8] - find the perfect female image through the noble identity, Museum of ideas, Lviv
  • "Things from Lviv", gallery "Silver Bells", Kiev

2007-2008 The idea and organization of erotic art projects "Taming Eros"[9] - male and female format, gallery "Green Sofa",[10] Lviv

  • "Grotesque in modern art", Museum of Ethnography and Art Crafts NAS of Ukraine, L'viv
  • "My Lviv",[11] Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv
  • "Art — Kiev", Ukrainian House, Kiev

2009 Open their own gallery "Art Atelier Voytovych" Lviv presenting collections of paintings, drawings and decors from Ivanka and Alexander Voytovych

  • Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Bucharest,[12] Embassy of Ukraine, Romania
  • "НюАнс", L'viv Palace of Arts, Ukraine

2009-2010 International Plein Airs in Hungary, Balatonföldvár and Vac
2010 One-man exhibitions

  • "КаvART", "Svit kavy", Lviv
  • " A Mysterious Portrait", Art Atelier Voytovych, Lviv



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