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Alexis Panselinos
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Athens, Greece

Alexis Panselinos (Greek: Αλέξης Πανσέληνος) (born 1943 in Athens, Greece) is an award-winning Greek novelist and translator. He is the son of Assimakis Panselinos (1903-1984) an author and poet and Ephie Pliatsika-Panselinos (1907-1997) also a poet and a novelist. He read Law at the University of Athens and worked as a practicing lawyer. He is a resident of Athens, married to novelist Lucy Dervis. His first book, a collection of four stories, appeared in 1982. In 1986 he published his first novel, 'The Great Procession" (Η Μεγάλη Πομπή) which obtained a Novel State Prize. In 1997 he was the Greek candidate for the European Litterary Award (Aristeion) with his third novel, 'Zaida or the Camel in the Snow' (Ζαΐδα ή Η καμήλα στα χιόνια). Many of his books ('The Great Procession', Zaida or The Camel in the Snow', 'The dark inscriptions' and 'Betsy Lost' have been translated in Italian, German, English and Polish. He has also translated novels from English and German.



  • Η Μεγάλη Πομπή (The Great Procession), 1985
  • Βραδυές μπαλέτου (Ballet nights), 1991
  • Ζαΐδα ή Η καμήλα στα χιόνια (Zaide or The camel in the snow), 1996
  • Ο Κουτσός άγγελος (The Lame Angel), 2002
  • Σκοτεινές επιγραφές (The Dark Inscriptions), 2011
  • Η κρυφή πόρτα (The secret door), 2016
  • Ελαφρά ελληνικά τραγούδια (Greek light songs), 2018

Short fiction[edit]

  • Ιστορίες με σκύλους (Dog stories), 1982
  • Τέσσερις Ελληνικοί Φόνοι (Four Greek Murders) 2004


  • Δοκιμαστικές πτήσεις (Test flights), 1993
  • Mία λέξη χίλιες εικόνες (One Word A Thousand Pictures), 2004

Translated works[edit]

  • Betsy Lost (transl. Caroline Harbouri) Kedros Publications, Athens
  • La Grande Procession (transl. Henri Tonnet) Les Editions du Griot, Paris
  • La Grande processione (transl. Maurizio De Rosa) Crocetti Editore, MIlano
  • Zaide ou Le chameau dans la neige (transl. Henri Tonnet) Gallimard, Paris
  • Zaide oder das Kammel in der Schnee (transl. Theo Votsos) Berlin Verlag, Berlin
  • Zaida (transl. Mario Cazzulo) Crocetti Editore, Milano
  • Tajemnicze inskrypcje (The Dark Inscriptions) (transl. Alicja Biadun) Kziazkowe Klimaty, Wroclaw



  • 2nd State Prize for his novel The Great Procession in 1986
  • Novel Prize of the 'Diavazo' Magazine for his novel The Dark Inscriptions in 2012
  • The Greek Candidacy for the European Literary Prize (Aristeion) with his novel Zaida or The Camel in the Snow in 1997

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