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Alfred Huet du Pavillon (January 1829, Blain, Loire-Atlantique – 1907, Frohsdorf) was a French botanist. His brother, Édouard Huet du Pavillon (1819-1908), with whom he often collaborated, was also a botanist.

He spent his childhood in Switzerland, later studying under botanist Alphonse de Candolle. From 1852 to 1856 he was curator of de Candolle's herbarium.[1] In the 1850s he took a series of botanical expeditions to the Pyrénées, Armenia, Italy (including Sicily) and Sardinia. In Italy and Sicily, he was accompanied by Édouard Huet du Pavillon.[2]

With his brother, he amassed an impressive herbarium, and issued numerous series of exsiccatae. In 1856 Pierre Edmond Boissier introduced the genus name Huetia in honor of the Huet brothers.[3][4]

Associated writings[edit]

  • Description de quelques plantes nouvelles des Pyrénées, 1853 - Description of some new plants of the Pyrénées.
  • Notice biographique sur les botanistes Edouard et Alfred Huet du Pavillon, 1914, Edouard Huet du Pavillon, Alfred Huet du Pavillon, John Briquet.[5]


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