Alfred Schreiber

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Alfred Schreiber
Born(1923-11-11)11 November 1923
Died26 November 1944(1944-11-26) (aged 21)
Allegiance Weimar Republic (1932)
 Nazi Germany (1933–45)
Balkenkreuz (Iron Cross) Luftwaffe
Battles/warsWorld War II

Alfred Schreiber (11 November 1923 – 26 November 1944), was a fighter pilot in the Luftwaffe during World War II. He is noted for claiming the first aerial victory by a jet fighter in aviation history.

He was born on 11 November 1923 in Keplachowitz. On 26 July 1944, Schreiber, a former Zerstörergeschwader 26 pilot, intercepted and attacked a Mosquito PR XVI, a photo-reconnaissance aircraft from No. 540 Squadron RAF, while flying Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a W.Nr. 130 017. It is often referred to as the first aerial victory by a jet fighter in aviation history.[1] Although damaged, the Mosquito, did in fact, manage to return to an Allied held airfield in Italy but the aircraft was lost in the crash landing.[2] Schreiber would be credited with a further four aerial victories before being killed on 26 November 1944, making him the first jet ace in history.[3] Schreiber was killed in a crash landing at Lechfeld. His aircraft wheels caught the lip of a slit trench, causing his Me 262 to cartwheel.[4]


Schreiber submitted the following claims:[5]

Number Date Type
1 26 July 1944 No. 540 Squadron Royal Air Force Mosquito PR XVI
2 2 August 1944 Supermarine Spitfire
3 26 August 1944 Supermarine Spitfire
4 5 September 1944 Spitfire PR XI of the USAAF 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group
5 28 October 1944 P-38 Lightning F-5E-3-LO of 7th PRG / 22nd PRS piloted by 2nd Lieutenant Eugene Selzer Williams (POW)



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