Ali Ahmadi (nomad)

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Ali Ahmadi
Native name علی احمدی
Born Ali
Afghanistan Afghanistan
Nationality Afghanistan Afghan
Ethnicity Hazara
Citizenship Australia Australian
Occupation Actor, Martial artist
Known for Australian Gladiators
Religion Shia Islam
  • 2005 SA NAABA Junior Champion
  • 2005 SA INBA Junior Champion
  • 2005 Musclemania Junior Mr Australia
  • 2006 SA INBA Intermediate Champion
  • 2006 INBA Junior Mr Australia
  • 2006 INBA World Titles, Junior 2nd
  • 2011 ANB MR. Australia
  • 2011 Newcastle Classic Champion
  • 2011 WNBF Asia Pacific Champion
  • 2011 WNBF NSW Champion

Ali Ahmadi (also known as Nomad) is an Afghan Australian actor, performer and martial artist. He is well known for Australian Gladiators as Nomad.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Ahmadi is an Afghan refugee who moved to Australia in 1999. He has been living there since then.[2][3]


  • SIFU (2010) as Master Chan
  • A REASON (2010) as Ali
  • FAMILY (2009) as Ahmad
  • WASTELAND WARRIOR (2008) as Michael[3]

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