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Ali Baba Taj (born 1977) is an Urdu, Persian and Hazaragi poet, based in Quetta, Pakistan. He is known for his use of nazm style in Urdu poetry. He received his Master's Degree in Persian language and literature from the University of Balochistan, Quetta in 2003. He has written several articles in Urdu and Persian regarding poetry and literature.[1][2][3]

World Poetry Festival[edit]

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Ali Baba Taj represented Pakistan in the World Poetry Festival held in Kolkata, India in 2008.[4] He also attended the second Daryanagar poetry fair at Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh in 2010.[citation needed]

Visits for Cultural and Peace mission[edit]

Ali Baba Taj has visited India several times for academic and literary purposes. His aim on these visits is to foster love and peace in humankind, especially between the people of Pakistan and India. He has met with scholars, poets, writers and other social and peace activist during these peace missions.[5][6][7]


  • muthee mein kuch saansain [8] Urdu مٹھی میں کچھ سانسیں Poems Book, published in 2007.
  • translations of various verses of Mirza Bedil jahan e muaani جھان معنی بیدل.

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