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This is a photo outside of the Alianza Islámica mosque.

The Alianza Islámica is a Latino-Muslim organization in the United States. It was founded in 1987 by a group of Puerto Rican Muslim converts and was the United States' first Latino Muslim organization.[1][2]

The founders felt that neither the African-American-majority nor the immigrant-majority communities sufficiently addressed Latina/os' particular culture, languages, social situations, and contributions to Islamic history.[3]

In El Barrio, Spanish Harlem, the Alianza has mediated between rival gangs, mentored jailed Latinos, provided education about HIV/AIDS, offered GED (General Education Development Test) courses, helped the sick get treatment, and given free meals during Ramadan.[4]

Alianza Islámica created the first masjid for the Spanish-speaking community. Through wedding celebrations, congregational prayers, English and Spanish sermons, sharing traditional Puerto Rican dishes without pork, music and poetry gatherings, etc., Alianza Islámica was able to present itself as an integral organization of the local community.[5]

One of the founders of Alianza Islamica, Ibrahim Gonzalez, died on June 4, 2013.[6]

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