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Latin American Muslims are Muslims from countries in Latin America.


The Mosque of Abou Bakr Alsiddq in Bogotá.

Quoted from "Muslims in Latin America" by Muhammad Yusuf Hallar - "According to statistics, the number of muslims in Latin America is over four million, serving as an example 700,000 (seven hundred thousand) in Argentina and more than 1,500,000 (one point five million) in Brazil."[1] Based on other estimates the Muslims in the area of Latin America are 100,000 mainly concentrated in Brazil, El Salvador and Argentina but also there are concentrations in Venezuela, Colombia and Paraguay. Most of these Latin American Muslims are from either Lebanese or Syrian origin.


Many Muslim organizations exist in Latin America, such as the Islamic Organization of Latin America (OIPAL). OIPAL is considered the most active organization in Latin America in promoting Islamic affiliated endeavors.

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