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Alisha Pradhan
Alisha Pradhan in a Photo-shoot.jpg
Alisha Pradhan in 2013
Native name আলিশাহ প্রধান
Born Gulshan Thana, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Education Economic Major
Alma mater Willes Little Flower School, Oxford International School Edexcel
  • Film Actress
  • Model
  • host
  • Entrepreneur
Years active 2009–present
Height 163 cm (5 ft 4 in)
Awards Nominated for Best Actress & Debutante

Alisha Pradhan is a Bangladeshi film actress, model, television presenter and entrepreneur.[1][2][3]

Alisha Pradhan started her career in TV commercials and serials as a teenage model, she debuted as a model in 2008 at age 14 only for Cova chocolate. She became the teenage sensation in TV for few of her notable role as Aditi madam from 1st Date by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki , Honey Bunny from Shopnochura etc. She made her debut in film as a Celebrity guest appearance in Eito Bhalobasha in 2013 opposite Mamnun Hasan Emon & Nirob. Her first film is Antaranga directed by legendary Late Chashi Nazrul Islam,[4] it was released on 6 November 2015 & that gave her a breakthrough debut in Dhallywood. Antaranga movie already bagged Alisha the Nomination for Best Actress & Debutante in Meril Prothom Alo . Antaranga is Produced by Her mother Hosna Pradhan & Giasuddin under the banner Carnival Motion picture & 360 Degree Communication ltd.

Early life[edit]

Pradhan is the daughter of Successful Business cosmopolitan Mr. Monir Pradhan & Hosna Pradhan Successful female Businesswoman & film producer. Alisha’s schooling was done in willes little Flower high school, Dhaka, She completed O' level from Oxford,A Level under Edexcel and she completed her undergraduate semister in private from British council board of Bangladesh.(A level Candidate of 2012) . While growing up as a spoiled child with English medium background, Alisha had tough time learning the skill of authentic pure Bangla. With Chashi Nazrul Islam 's Support she took 8 months non stop Bangla vocabulary, pronunciation & accent class from the very best Linguistic teacher of Bangladesh, Mr. Mukherjee etc.[5]

Early career[edit]

Alisha Pradhan is a trained classical and Salsa dancer. She is also a huge Hip-hop and Free-Style dance admirer. She plays piano, Guitar & harmony. She mastered the craft of marshal art for her action movie along with Bike ride & horse riding. Alisha Pradhan is well known for her charismatic modern host presentation, she did few selective talk show that really got her the fame as a host, i.e. Jege Acho Ki, 2013 Bangladesh Premier League BPL Auction 2012 Hosting etc.[6][7] Her 2nd film is Bhul Jodi Hoy also directed by film director Chashi Nazrul Islam which was supposed to be Alisha's 1st movie but had a late release. it started in December 2013. it was Chashi Nazrul Islam who encouraged Alisha's Mother to support Alisha in her cinematic career. within this period Alisha rejected many Bangla Movie offers cause director manipulated the script & characters, movies like, Mayanagar, Jole Bhasha Poddo, Ek joban etc.[8][9] In 2014 Hosna Pradhan launched a new film production house 'Carnival Motion Pictures' with Gisuddin, which started four new films at a time, taking Alisha Pradhan as lead actress in all the films.

Alisha Pradhan Belongs to a very sophisticated & Well established family, sources says she still could not mend her relation with her father, Siblings & relatives (also in Abroad) which gone awry after she joined Film industry. Also she had hard time adjusting with the Bangla Film Fraternity but her mother always supports her & that is why Hosna Pradhan also has been a loyal Sponsor for the film fraternity causes. Alisha had a Grand Mohorat of her 1st film 'Bhul Jodi Hoi' that included the whole industry & everyone who is anyone came to bless Alisha Pradhan.[10][11][12][13][not in citation given][14][15][16]

Other work[edit]

In addition to acting in films, Pradhan has supported many charitable organisations, she is an avid philanthropist who aids a youth NGO "Born To Smile".[17] At age of 16, she has taken responsibility of half dozen children 's education and healthcare that she actveley maintains. Though her father Monir Pradhan runs an NGO since 2004 called "Ambition Social Organisation Foundation " , it proves her innate Passion to stand with the one who needs help. Pradhan is one of the most young talented & gorgeous actress no doubt, but not many people knows how involved she is with her each project and how many skills she has achieved. Even in most of her Movies Pradhan designs her own costumes in collaboration with Bangladeshi Top designer Luna, She always actively help in choreography & thus Assist each & every choreographer she has been worked with.[18] Pradhan is known to improvise a lot in her scenes and that's the charisma why her lines are getting picked and remembered, for her own unique touch. She always tries to support, co operate the director from every aspect possible, be it an art directorial suggestion to props requirement to vehicles . in most of her movies she has been taken the responsibility to maximise full security of the full shooting team, off course on her family 's recommendation. , she has performed in a fundraising event organized by Shelly Manna, wife of Bangladeshi legendary Cinema Hero late Manna in memory of restorying Manna's Contribution to Bangla Film industry.[19][20]

She has been the brand ambassador of several products, including Cova Chocolate bar, Uro Cola, Cute Beauty Soap in 2012, LG Fridge, Bonoful Mishti, Uro cola 2 In 2013, Dhallywood online reporters, named her "one of the most wanted names" in the Glamour industry.

Pradhan established herself as one of the most popular Youth icon celebrities in Bangladesh according to Google Trends.


Year Film Role Co-star Director Notes
2016 69 Patla Khan Len -- Ferdous Ahmed Pran, Maushumi post production [21][22]
2013 Eito Bhalobasa -- Emon, Nirob, Nipun Akter Special Appearance [23]
2015 Antaranga -- Emon Chashi Nazrul Islam Debut film as lead actress [24][25] [26] [27][28][29][30]
2016 Bhul Jodi Hoy -- Emon; Samrat Chashi Nazrul Islam released
Ajante Bhalobasha -- Symon Sadik A J Rana releasing in April 2016 [31][32]
Premer kajol -- shipon jakir hossain raju Filming [33][34][35][36][37][38]
Probashini Don -- Alisha Pradhan, symon Sadik , Sumit Shaheen Sumon pre-production [39][40][41][42]
Rongdhonu -- Alisha Pradhan, Bappy chowdhury , omor suni Misha Sawdagor Shaunak mitra & Mehjabin pre-production
2017 Tumi nei Kichu nei -- Symon Sadik , Anisur Rahman Milon , Tanver Shohanur Rahman Sohan pre-production
Monpura Prem -- Symon Sadik Komol sarker pre-production

TV commercials[edit]

  • Uro Cola ad [43]
  • Cova Chocolate ad
  • Bonful Mishti ad
  • Cute Soap and Development


Year Title Role Language
2009–10 Shopnochura Alisha/ Honey Bangla & English
2009 Mohanagar Arija at age 15
2010 1st Date Aditi Madam at age 15
2010 Life Alisha pradhan telefilm
2011 Ahangkaar Ohona at age 17 daily Soap ETV
2011 Monkora Ira Chowdhury at age 17
2010 Tini Bujhte Parlen ata Prem noi Alisha pradhan telefilm
2011 All Rounder Tara at age 17 TV series
2012 Metal Friends Nayna Eid telefilm at age 17
2012 Aai khuku Aai Diya Chanel i telefilm

Television talk show[edit]

Films that have not yet been released Denotes the show is still running on air.
Title Year Broadcasting Station Notes Ref
Lux Music Jam 2011 Desh TV 13 Episodes
Kingster Jege Acho Ki 2012 R TV 13 Episodes
Bangladesh Premier League 2013 Chanel 9 BPL AUCTION 2013 [44]
Star Entrepreneur Adda with Meher Afroz Shaon , Mahfuz ahmed ,Rubaba &Mila islam 2012 chanel i 1 Episode
Eid Shuveccha Adda With Bappy Chowdhury Zayed khan Alisha Pradhan Shimla & jerin 2012 R TV Eid 1 day Episode

Alisha Pradhan Grew up with a very independent attitude and dominating mindset, which is why she seems very rebellious & controlling of her surrounding and the people she loves . she confesses how flirty & playful is she with a boy. Her current relation status is unknown, but she is known for coming too strongly on any man, be it director, heroes, friends or journalist. she is known to emasculate the male.[45] That might be the indication why Alisha Pradhan as a child always wanted to be the Prime Minister, it has come to many of her interviews as her child dream.[44] that is not it, She loves Bangladesh a lot and she has joined cinema industry leaving family businesses and her family's reputation to contribute in the film industry. In her distant future she plans to build the Biggest Film city of Bangladesh. since she is a Feminist she has vision to corporate an industry with specialized female expertise. Along with these goals she also preach for humanity and clean Bangladesh.


AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
  • BACHSHAS 2009-model & 2010—actress
  • CJFB AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
  • Babisas Award 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
  • MEJAB AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
  • ATN BINODON AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
  • STARDOM AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
  • TRAB AWARD 2009-Model & 2010 Actress
  • CJFB AWARD 2012-Model Personality of the year


  • Meril Prothom alo National award

Best film Actress & Best Debutante

  • Dhaka Reporters Choice Award

Best film Actress & Best Debutante

  • CJFB AWARD 2016

Best film Actress & Best Debutante

2016 AWARDS[edit]

  • Bangla Cine Awards in America, New York.

for Debutante best actress 2015.

  • Fobana DC Festive and Award, DC USA

for Debutante best actress 2015.

  • NRB Taroka Awards 2016

for Debutante best actress 2015.

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