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All Systems Go! is a Canadian punk rock group, and features members of Big Drill Car, Doughboys, the Asexuals and The Carnations. The band was formed after Frank Daly and Mark Arnold's previous band Big Drill Car broke up in 1995 and John Kastner's and Peter Arsenault's previous band, the Doughboys, broke up in 1996.

All Systems Go!'s 1999 self-titled debut CD alternates between John Kastner (guitar) and Frank Daly (bass) on lead vocals. Blending hard rock, punk, vocal harmonies and guitar interplay from Mark Arnold, the album represents elements of both previous projects that formed its basis (Doughboys and Big Drill Car). Though a fairly short album, it was well received by fans of the members' previous projects.

Frank Daly left the band the following year and was replaced by Thomas D'Arcy (from The Carnations) on bass and vocals. The resulting album, Mon Chi Chi, repeats the process of dividing up songwriting duties between Kastner and newcomer D'Arcy. The album represented a greater number of collaborations than did its predecessor.

Thomas D'Arcy left the band shortly thereafter and was temporarily replaced by Karl Alvarez (Descendents and All). This line-up toured briefly but did not produce a studio album.

After several intervening years, All Systems Go! resurfaced somewhat in 2007 with an exclusive iTunes download-only release, A Late Night Snack. This collection of outtakes and unreleased songs gave fans another chance to hear the work of the original lineup.


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