All Things Set Aside

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All Things Set Aside
All Things Set Aside cover.jpg
Studio album by Veil of Maya
Released November 7, 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre Deathcore[1]
Length 33:25
Label Corrosive
Producer Veil of Maya, Mike J.
Veil of Maya chronology
All Things Set Aside
The Common Man's Collapse
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Absolute Punk 7.6/10[2]
AllMusic Favorable[1]

All Things Set Aside is Veil of Maya's debut studio album. It was self-produced and released on November 7, 2006 through Corrosive Recordings.[3] The album is currently out of print and is no longer sold. It is the only album to feature original vocalist Adam Clemans and guitarist Bryan Ruppell.

In-depth information[edit]

All songs on the album were written and recorded by Veil of Maya, with the exception of the final track titled "The Session", which is a rap song, written and recorded by Chicago rappers, Vigor Lynx, Getatem, Mike J, MO and DJ Robert.

This is the only Veil of Maya recording with two separate guitar players, as afterward Marc Okubo played both rhythm and lead guitars on the band's studio recordings. This is also the only album with vocalist Adam Clemans.

The songs "Entry Level Exit Wounds" and "Sever the Voices" were recorded for the band's proceeding album, The Common Man's Collapse with the band's succeeding vocalist Brandon Butler.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The Uprising" (The First Uprising; instrumental) 1:33
2. "Entry Level Exit Wounds" 2:53
3. "Your World of Lies" 6:05
4. "Mark My Words" 3:04
5. "All Things Set Aside" 3:05
6. "Indefinite Bloodlust" 3:47
7. "Sever the Voices" 4:52
8. "Black Funeral March" 4:40
9. "The Session" 3:26
Total length: 33:25


Veil of Maya
  • Adam Clemans - vocals
  • Marc Okubo - lead guitar
  • Bryan Ruppell - rhythm guitar
  • Sammy Applebaum - drums
  • Kris Higler - bass guitar
Additional personnel
  • Artwork by Michael Adler[4]
  • Production by Veil of Maya on tracks 1-8
  • Production on track 9 by Mike J.


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