All You Need Is the Music

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All You Need Is the Music
All You Need Is The Music.jpg
Studio album by Neil Sedaka
Released 1978 (1978)
Genre Pop
Label Elektra, Polydor
Neil Sedaka chronology
Neil Sedaka: 14 Knockouts
(1977)Neil Sedaka: 14 Knockouts1977
All You Need Is The Music
The Many Sides of Neil Sedaka
(1978)The Many Sides of Neil Sedaka1978

All You Need Is The Music is a 1978 in-studio album containing the works of the American pop-singer Neil Sedaka. It was released in the US on Elektra Records, his second album for the company. Outside the United States it was released on the European-based Polydor label.[1][2][3] It was conducted and arranged by Artie Butler and engineered by Ron Malo.

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "All You Need is The Music"
  2. "Candy Kisses"
  3. "Should've Never Let Her Go"
  4. "Sad, Sad Story"
  5. "Tillie The Twirler"

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Love Keeps Getting Stronger Every Day"
  2. "Born To Be Bad"
  3. "What a Surprise"
  4. "You Can Hear The Love"
  5. "City Boy"

45 rpm singles[edit]

The title track, "All You Need Is The Music", saw a 45 rpm release, but it did not chart. Neither did the single "Sad, Sad Story" (b/w "Love Keeps Getting Stronger Every Day" in the UK and "Tillie The Twirler" in the US).

CD Re-issue from vinyl[edit]

In 2013, a bootleg album was released on CD in selected European Union countries, from vinyl. [1]


Two years later, Sedaka would take the song "Should've Never Let Her Go", and rework it into a duet with his daughter Dara under the title "Should've Never Let You Go" for the 1980 album In The Pocket; this duet version would be much more warmly received than the original version heard here on All You Need Is The Music.


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