All of My Mind

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All of My Mind
All of My Mind.jpg
Studio album by Kōji Wada
Released December 5, 2001
Genre J-pop, rock
Length 54:20
Label King Records
Producer Cher Watanabe
Kōji Wada chronology
All of My Mind
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All of My Mind is the first album of Japanese singer Kōji Wada. The album was released on December 5, 2001 through King Records.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Kōji Wada.

1."Starting Over"Kōji Wada,
Hidenori Chiwata
Makoto Takō4:27
2."Butter-Fly"Hidenori ChwataCher Watanabe4:14
3."Wind (風 Kaze)"Kōji Wada,
Kaoru Ōkubo,
Hiroshi Yamada
Cher Watanabe3:54
4."Smile (笑顔 Egao)"Kōji Wada,
Michihiko Ohta
Michihiko Ohta5:14
5."Seven"Kōhei KoyamaCher Watanabe4:13
6."Target (Red Crash) (ターゲット~赤い衝撃~ Tāgetto~Akai Shōgeki~)"Yū Matsuki,
Michihiko Ohta
Michihiko Ohta4:26
7."Remaining a Girl (少女のままで Shōjo no Mama De)"Kōji Wada,
Michihiko Ohta
Michihiko Ohta4:27
8."Because I'm Me (僕は僕だって Boku wa Boku Datte)"Yū Matsuki,
Michihiko Ohta
Cher Watanabe4:13
9."Say Again"Kōji Wada,
Michihiko Ohta
Michihiko Ohta4:21
10."The Future of Your Color (Dream) (君色の未来 (ゆめ) Kimi-iro no Mirai (Yume))"Kōji Wada,
Cher Watanabe
Cher Watanabe4:18
11."The Biggest Dreamer"Hiroshi Yamada,
Michihiko Ohta
Michihiko Ohta3:51
12."Modern Love"halta,
Makoto Takō
Makoto Takō6:20