Allan of Rotterdam

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A "Blue Angel" railcar built in 1953 for the Netherlands Railways, photographed at Hoorn, September 2006
Trams in Rotterdam built by Allan & Co in the late 1940s

Allan & Co was a former railway rolling stock and tram manufacturer based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The full name of the company (in Dutch) was Allan & Co´s Koninklijke Nederlandsche Fabrieken van Meubelen en Spoorwegmaterieel N.V. The company ceased business in 1959.

The company was founded in 1839 and started as a furniture maker. The first trams were built in 1902 and the first railway carriages in 1910. Allan went on to become a major supplier to the Netherlands Railways, including the Plan X Blue Angel diesel trains.[1] The company also built rolling stock for export, such as the Class 0300 railcars for the Portuguese Railways.