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Hoorn, September 2006

The Blue Angel (in Dutch: Blauwe Engel) was the name given to the Plan X class DE-1 diesel railcars formerly used by the Netherlands Railways. There have been rumors that the name has a connection to the German movie Der blaue Engel but this hasn’t been confirmed.

These streamlined single carriage DEMUs were built by Allan of Rotterdam in 1953-54. They were extensively used on the branch lines in Friesland as well as on other non-electrified secondary routes. They also operated the Maastricht-Liege shuttle. Originally painted blue (hence the nickname), they were later repainted dark red. They were largely replaced by new Wadloper DMUs in the 1980s.

The class DE-2 DMUs were similar, but with two (articulated) carriages. The DE-2s were later refurbished and repainted into yellow NS livery, but the DE-1s retained the dark red livery until withdrawal.

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