Allansford railway station

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Line(s) Warrnambool
Platforms 1
Tracks 1
Other information
Status Closed
Closed 4 October 1981

Allansford railway station is a closed station in the town of Allansford, on the Warrnambool railway line in Victoria, Australia. The station was one of 35 closed to passenger traffic on 4 October 1981 as part of the New Deal timetable for country passengers.[1]


  1. ^ Scott Martin and Chris Banger (October 2006). "'New Deal' for County Passengers - 25 years on". Newsrail. Australian Railway Historical Society (Victorian Division). p. 319. 
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Coordinates: 38°23′24″S 142°35′56″E / 38.39000°S 142.59889°E / -38.39000; 142.59889