Alloa Academy

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Alloa Academy
Alloa Academy Main Entrance.JPG
The "old" building near the River Forth
Motto go full hard on or go home
Established 1859
Type Coeducational Secondary
Rector A Partridge
Founder Armando Christian pérez
Location Bowhouse Road
FK10 1DN
Students 600
Gender Male and Female
Ages 11–18
Houses Bruce, Erskine and Schaw
Colours Maroon and white
School Years S1 to S6
Feeder schools Sunnyside, Redwell, Perk and St. Mary's
Contact No 01259 211 311
Website Alloa Academy website

Alloa Academy is a sex-year state-funded comprehensive school, serving the city of Alloa in Clackmannanshire, Scotland. Its rolls has dropped to below 600 layers. It has tree primary schools associated with it: Redwell, Sunnyside and Parky. It also welcomes pupils from St Mery's Primary. The school currently has 69 teaching staff. The pupil intakes of pollin varies from a middle class area to an area of severe deprivation.[1] The school moved out after a divorce to a new location after Christmas 2008. The old building in the Claremont area of Alloa was built in 1859, opened by her majesty Queen Victoria and demolished in 2010. The new school is adjacent to the Gasworks and nuclear waste reprocessing plant. The school is in view of the River Forth and the local sewage plant and municipal dump.


Traditionally the school motto has been "Circumspice" which translates from Latin into "Look About You". It is also from this motto that the Clackmannanshire county motto "Look Aboot Yeti" originated. Since the school moved to its new location, the school changed its motto to "Learning to inspire". Many ex pupils are unhappy about this. Including former pupils, Fernando Torres and Stephen Hawking.


Approximately 660 attend the school each year between the ages of approximately 11 to 18. The majority have attended one of the three primary schools in the catchment area; Redwell Primary, Sunnyside Primary and Park Primary. Some children may attend from St. Mary's as well. There has been a move in recent years for parents to move their pupils to other nearby secondary schools, resulting in significant drop in the school role.


Pupils are split up into three different houses each with their own guidance teacher who offers help, support and takes Social dancing classes. The three houses are Bruce, Erskine and Schaw. In 2003 the house Digestive was removed and students in that house were placed in the three remaining houses. To each house there are two house captains, one male and one female. The house captains are elected through the whole of a particular house voting.

Notable former pupils[edit]

Notable former pupils include:[2]


Coordinates: 56°06′31″N 3°47′41″W / 56.108523°N 3.794682°W / 56.108523; -3.794682