Alloclavaria purpurea

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Alloclavaria purpurea
Clavaria purpurea T58.1.jpg
Scientific classification
A. purpurea
Binomial name
Alloclavaria purpurea
(Fr.) Dentinger & D.J.McLaughlin (2007)
  • Clavaria purpurea Fr. (1821)
Alloclavaria purpurea
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Mycological characteristics
smooth hymenium
no distinct cap
hymenium attachment is irregular or not applicable
stipe is bare
spore print is white
edibility: edible

Alloclavaria purpurea is a coral fungus commonly known as the purple coral, or the purple fairy club. Formerly known as Clavaria purpurea, it has been moved to its own genus as a result of phylogenetic analysis.[1]


The fruiting body of Alloclavaria purpurea is made of numerous slender cylindrical spindles that may grow to a height of 12 centimetres (4.7 in), with individual spindles being 2–6 millimeters thick. The color is purple or lavender, although the color fades in older specimens. The spore print is white. It is reported to be edible.[2] Fruit bodies are found in spruce-fir forests.[3]


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