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AlphaMax Academy is a private international school established on September 1, 1998, in the Republic of Suriname. The academic program, delivered in English, caters for students from kindergarten through high school (K-13).

The Academy emphasizes the cultivation and acquisition of sound, classical,foundational knowledge and learning skills,both language-based and quantitative.

The school is run by the Directors of the AlphaMax Foundation, who, with a dedicated and qualified cadre of teachers, provide individual attention and teaching to the student body. The Academy’s success is reflected in international examination test scores, and the acceptance of its graduates at colleges and universities worldwide.


“In Diligent Pursuit of Excellence”

MISSION STATEMENT To guide successfully and effectively the educational and scholastic development of students through kindergarten, primary and secondary levels of learning (K-13) in pursuit of excellence and in preparation for education at tertiary institutions of education.

Foundation’s Educational Philosophy Education is a lifelong endeavor. To give a solid foundation the Academy adopts Montessori-style training in the formative years of Kindergarten and primary school. The academic focus at this stage of development is a solid grounding in the three rudimentary skills on which the superstructure of knowledge and learning is built: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic – the three Rs.

CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE Following the U.S. testing model, specially graded tests are given regularly throughout the school year across the school curriculum to ensure sustained progress towards the goal of student success at tertiary-level entrance examinations.

A BRIEF HISTORY The Academy, which is registered in the Republic of Suriname and recognized by the Suriname Ministry of Education, was started in 1998 by a group of academics in Suriname who saw the urgent need for an institution of learning to make a positive difference in the education of children within the wider context of eroded scholastic standards.

English is the language of instruction through all levels. GRADING SYSTEM The Academy utilizes the standard American grades of A, B, C, D & F based on a 4.0 system where A is excellent, B is good, C is average, D is poor, and F signifies failure.

Since 2007,The Academy also offers the 'Global Assessment Certificate®'. This is a Grade 13 program.

International External Examinations offered on-campus: P-SAT (Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test)TPF*FPT - October each year American College Test, SAT,IELTS, (ACT)TPF++FPT - All International Test Dates available.

International External Examinations not offered on-campus, but required and offered in Paramaribo or overseas:TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), GED(General Equivalency Diploma)


Two diplomas are offered: the higher one, which is called the Diploma of Academic Excellence, is reflective of the graduate’s successful completion of Advanced Placement (VWO-level) requirements. The second diploma, the Certificate of General Proficiency, is granted to students who attain the General Equivalency Diploma (HAVO) level of education.

ACADEMIC STREAMS High school students at the Academy, pursuing the Diploma of Academic Excellence, are invited to choose one of the following streams of study based on their career interest or choice.

Business, Science, Humanities,Architecture

  • There is a General Studies stream for students who are undecided or have not determined a specific career choice.


Tertiary Education - Percentage of Graduates:Since the Academy’s first graduation in 2001, the majority of graduating students (circa 80%) have gone on to tertiary education.

International Universities & Colleges :Graduates from the Academy have been accepted at international universities and colleges in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, Belgium, South Korea, the Caribbean, Venezuela, China, Mexico and Cuba.

Global Youth Scholar Recognitions In 2005, on account of exceptional performance on U.S. College Board examinations, a graduate was nominated and selected as a Global Youth Scholar.

In each subsequent year, Academy high school students (Juniors and Seniors) have been selected as Global Youth Scholars.

TOEFL Score Average The average or mean TOEFL score for matriculating students from the Academy is 565 points (paper-based testing) - above the benchmark score that many colleges and universities in Europe and the U.S. accept. The top student score at the Academy has been 676 points.

ACT Score Average In the last five years, ACT scores of Academy scholars have exceeded 24 points. Our scores are above the U.S. national average.

U.S. Air Force Scholarship In 2006, a Graduate from the Academy won the prestigious U.S. Air Force Academy Scholarship, valued at U.S.$500,000. The student is the first female, the youngest person, and the first high school student to win such a scholarship in Suriname.

Guianas Youth Environmental Awareness Program In 2002, the AlphaMax Academy and Foundation, in collaboration and partnership with TVE (Television for the Environment (London, United Kingdom), the World Wildlife Fund WWF-Guianas), the University of Suriname, the University of Guyana, and 12 participating primary and secondary institutions in two countries, initiated the Environmental Awareness Program.In addition to field activities, the youth environmental awareness program features a Foundation-guided television series which is viewed in thousands of households in Suriname and Guyana.