AM5-M2 and AM4-M4

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Manufacturer Alstom
Family name Metropolis
Replaced 81-717, Ev, EvA
Constructed 2009-2013
Entered service 2009-present
Formation 5 cars per trainset
Fleet numbers 110
Capacity 209 seats
Operator(s) BKV
Depot(s) Fehér út
Line(s) served Line 2
Train length 100 m
Car length 20 m
Width 2,780 mm
Height 3,696 mm
Floor height 1,140 mm
Doors 8 double
Maximum speed 70 km/h
Weight 27,4/35,4 t
Axle load 14 t
Acceleration 1,113 m/s2
Deceleration 1,113 m/s2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Manufacturer Alstom
Family name Metropolis
Operator(s) BKV
Depot(s) Kelenföld
Line(s) served Line 4
Train length 80 m
Car length 20 m

The AM5-M2 and AM4-M4 are two series of Alstom Metropolis heavy rail rolling stock that operate on lines 2 and 4 of the Budapest Metro.

Since 2009, 22 AM5-M2 sets have been constructed for use on Budapest Metro Line 2 with delivery to be completed by 2013. A further 22 AM4-M4 sets have been constructed since 2012 for use on Line 4 with delivery due to be completed by 2014.[1][2]


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