Alt for Egil

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Alt For Egil
Directed by Tore Rygh
Written by Tore Renberg
Tore Rygh
Starring Kristoffer Joner
Trond Høvik
Release date
20 August 2004
Running time
90 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

Alt For Egil is a 2004 Norwegian musical film directed by Tore Rygh, starring Kristoffer Joner and Trond Høvik. Egil Hjelmeland (Joner) is a pizza delivery driver who decides to teach his best friend Jan-Ove Tofte (Høvik), who is mentally retarded, how to drive the delivery car. The title is a play on 'Alt for Norge' (Norwegian: All for Norway) which is a patriotic Norwegian motto dating to World War II.


Borghild Maaland of Verdens Gang gave the movie a dice throw of four, and called it "a pretty nice love-story".[1] Inger Bentzrud of Dagbladet gave it five points, calling it "cheeky and different". She particularly appreciated the musical score, and the film's local atmosphere.[2]


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