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Gender Male & female
Language(s) 1. Turkic
2. Mongolian
Meaning 1. "red dawn"
2. "golden"

Altan is a unisex Turkish given name used also as surname and a Mongolian given name. Altan means "golden"[1] in Mongolian and "red dawn" in Turkic. The related word "Altın" is also Turkish for "golden" and a common Turkish surname.

Given name[edit]


  • Ahmet Altan (born 1950), Turkish journalist and author
  • Çetin Altan (1927-2015), Turkish writer, journalist, and former member of parliament
  • Mehmet Altan (born 1953), Turkish economist, columnist and writer
  • Francesco Tullio Altan (born 1942), Italian satire and comic book author
  • Kaan Altan, a founding member of the Turkish rock band Mavi Sakal

See also[edit]

  • Altan, Irish folk band
  • Altın, Turkish word also meaning "golden"


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