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Alterface Projects
Industry Amusement_park, Human-Computer Interface, Computer software
Founded 2001
Headquarters Wavre, Belgium
Key people
Benoit Cornet, CEO
Stéphane Battaille, COO
Products Salto
Interactive Dark Rides
Number of employees
25 (2013)

Alterface Projects is the leading manufacturer of interactive and media-based attractions across the world. The company initially started as a spin-off project from the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, active in the field of creation of interactive systems.

The company is dedicated to the development of entertainment attractions and edutainment setups including interactivity between user and media or tangible content. Alterface Projects systems are installed into museums, science centers and more importantly amusement parks.

Alterface Projects is the owner and designer of the Salto software engine which uses multiple sensors and actuators, to enable the implementation of multiple systems, from large reactive screens to interactive theaters for groups, such as Desperados.

Notorious attractions and projects[edit]

  • Maus au Chocolat (2011, Phantasialand, Germany) : Interactive dark ride featuring vehicles from ETF Ride Systems 42 3D back projection screens, on screen shooting. Interaction software, show control system and overall design were provided by Alterface Projects, turnkey of the project.

  • Dragons Wild Shooting (2013, Lotte World, South Korea) : Interactive dark ride featuring trackless vehicles from ETF Ride Systems, shooting at screens and at moving and non moving scenery (animatronics). All shooting targets are invisible, which helps keeping the theming free from visible, disruptive technology. Alterface Projects provided the interaction software and overall show control system. Overall design and art direction was provided by The Hettema Group.

See also[edit]

  • Salto, the software title of Alterface Projects.
  • Desperados, the most famous interactive movie theater attraction from Alterface Projects.

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