Altona Beach

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Looking east from the pier on a summer's afternoon
Looking west towards the pier
The beach from the pier

Altona Beach is a beach located in Altona, Victoria, Australia with a long pier towards the middle of it.[1] It is best for swimmers to partake in aquatic activity on the eastern side of the pier, which is patrolled regularly by lifeguards in the summer.

Heritage pier[edit]

Altona Pier is a heritage listed pier that was originally constructed c.1888 with later modifications.[2] It is located at the intersection of the Esplanade and Pier Street.


The end of Altona Pier, is a common fishing spot for many local anglers who live around the area. The western side of the Pier is a great place for kite surfing and it is fairly common to see lots of these surfers in the water throughout the year. Body-boarding and surfing are not common at Altona Beach as for most of the year the water is fairly calm, with small waves only appearing whilst a strong southerly is blowing.

Marine Life[edit]

Animals found around the beach include:


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Coordinates: 37°52′20″S 144°49′15″E / 37.87222°S 144.82083°E / -37.87222; 144.82083