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Amal Academy
عمل اکیڈمی
Amal Academy's logo.png
Motto"The world is something to be made and re-made by continuous action/amal"
FounderBenje Williams
Founded atLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
TypeEducational, Education management
PurposeEducation, Job-skills and career training
HeadquartersLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Coordinates31°32′20″N 74°21′26″E / 31.53888°N 74.357222°E / 31.53888; 74.357222Coordinates: 31°32′20″N 74°21′26″E / 31.53888°N 74.357222°E / 31.53888; 74.357222
ServicesCareer Development Skills
Official language
Benje Williams
Kunal Chawla
Main organ
Amal Career-Prep Fellowship
AffiliationsAcumen Fund, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Echoing Green, Dr. Paul Kim

Amal Academy (Urdu: عمل اکیڈمی‎) is an education management organization that provides various career development skills to university graduates having either postgraduate or post-secondary education looking for an employment. It was founded in 2013 by Stanford University graduates Benje Williams and Kunal Chawla and is funded by Acumen Fund, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Echoing Green and Dr. Paul Kim.

Etymology and overview[edit]

"Amal" is an Urdu word for "action" and is derived by Pakistan's national poet Allama Iqbal phrase,"The world is not something to be merely seen or known through concepts, but something to be made and re-made by continuous action/amal."[1] CEO and founder of Academy Benje Williams said, "Our goal is to cultivate youth in Pakistan who are no longer vulnerable to the hopelessness and despair of under and unemployment, but who are hopeful for tomorrow, equipped with the skills that will enable them to act upon their professional dreams and become the future leaders and creators of their communities."[1] Academy's initial name was "Setu Institute", derived from Sanskrit word for "Bridge; सेतु" as Benje and co-founder Kunal was planning to open Academy in India before changing it to Amal.


Amal Academy was founded by Stanford University graduates Benje Williams and Kunal Chawla.[2] William who graduated from Stanford's Business School worked with Acumen Fund as a Global Fellow and was responsible for hiring and training marketing officers at a social enterprise in Lahore where he initiated the idea after seeing a gap between "workforce preparation and business needs".[3] He later enrolled in the MBA at Stanford's Business graduate school, where he met Indian-born American Kunal Chawla, an MA student at the university's Graduate School of Education. Chawla previously worked with Google as a consultant for its leading development online education platform to middle school students across north India and worked at an Acumen-funded education social enterprise.[4] Williams said, “We realized how closely aligned our passions and values were and decided to work on a project together.”[5]

Funding and investors[edit]

Amal Academy is funded by Acumen Fund, Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and chief technology officer Dr. Paul Kim. of Stanford Graduate School of Education. Pakistan-based companies such as NIB Bank, Engro Corporation, State Bank of Pakistan serves as the corporate partners of Academy. In 2014, a years after its foundation, Academy was awarded $125,000 (13,078,125 PKR) by Stanford Social Innovation Program.[6]

Amal Fellowship is primarily funded by Stanford graduates, Acumen fellows, Fulbrighters, LUMS graduates and Amal alumni. In addition Academy has advisors and mentors, such as Jacqueline Novogratz (CEO of Acumen), Chris Anderson (CEO of TED), Syed Babar Ali (Founder of LUMS), Jawad Aslam (CEO of Ansaar Management Company), Dr. Kamran Shams (CEO of Punjab Education Endowment Fund), Yasser Bashir (CEO of Arbisoft) including others.


Amal Career-Prep Fellowship[edit]

The Amal Career-Prep Fellowship is a flagship three-months education and career preparation training program that help build job oriented various skills in individuals such as communication, professionalism, teamwork, career planning, leadership, etc. The purpose of Ffellowship is to prepare to university graduates for the workplace by enabling them to develop their professional and business skills. In 2013, Academy initiated its first fellowship at University of Engineering and Technology and since then has been conducting various simultaneous fellowships at various institutions in Lahore and in 2016 Academy held its first fellowship at University of Agriculture in Faisalabad.

Apart from Fellowship, the Academy has also provided corporate training's to different companies including Nestle, Arbisoft, INTECH, Bank Alfalah, Allied Bank, etc. including a training with Higher Education Commission on "Narrowing the Industry-Academia Gap".


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