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Amanda Felder at the World Championship Series triathlon in Kitzbühel, 2010.

Amanda Dawn Felder (born 16 January 1982 in Houston) is a professional US triathlete and Member of the USA Triathlon Project 2016 program.

Felder started her triathlon career in 2005 when she took part in, and won, the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship for the first time, as later on in 2008.[1] Felder also takes part in Ironmen, e.g. she placed 7th at the Ironman 70.3 Miami on 30 October 2010.

Amanda Felder holds an undergraduate degree from Rice University and in March 2010 she was awarded a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from UC (University of California) San Diego. Felder resides in Cupertino.

ITU Competitions[edit]

The following list is based upon the official ITU rankings and the athlete's Profile Page.[2] All competitions are triathlons and belong to the Elite category.

Date Competition Place Rank
  2005-07-10   Pan American Cup New York 14
  2008-06-27   9th World University Championships Erdek 20
  2008-07-12   Pan American Cup Musselman DNS
  2008-09-20   Premium Pan American Cup Portland 13
  2008-11-08   Premium Pan American Cup San Francisco 11
  2009-03-29   Pan American Cup Lima 7
  2009-04-25   Pan American Cup Mazatlan 2
  2009-05-16   PATCO Pan American Championships Oklahoma 12
  2009-05-23   Pan American Cup Ixtapa 1
  2009-06-21   Dextro Energy World Championship Series Washington DC 30
  2009-08-09   World Cup Tiszaújváros 36
  2009-08-22   Pan American Cup Tuscaloosa 11
  2009-11-08   World Cup Huatulco 15
  2010-03-20   Pan American Cup Mazatlan 4
  2010-04-04   Pan American Cup and South American Championships Lima 3
  2010-04-18   World Cup Monterrey 23
  2010-04-25   World Cup Ishigaki 14
  2010-06-05   Dextro Energy World Championship Series Madrid DNF
  2010-07-10   Pan American Cup San Francisco 4
  2010-08-08   World Cup Tiszaújváros 48
  2010-08-14   Dextro Energy World Championship Series Kitzbuhel 48
  2010-08-21   Sprint World Championships Lausanne 29
  2010-09-25   Premium Pan American Cup Tuscaloosa 17
  2010-10-10   World Cup Huatulco DNF
  2010-10-17   PATCO Pan American Championships Puerto Vallarta 17

DNS = did not start · DNF = did not finish


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