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Amanda Redington (born January 1962) is a British presenter and actress. She has been a presenter for cable and satellite TV channels such as Music Box and Sky Channel, during the mid and late 1980s, on GMTV in 1993[1] and on The Warehouse on Anglia TV. Redington also had a music group called K-Ram and she took part in The Rap Pack. She married Dutch singer Frank Boeijen in 1990 and they divorced in 1994. She has acted on the stage in Wife Begins at 40, playing Linda Harper; in Bedside Manners as Sally; in Snow White as the Wicked Queen; and in Jack and the Beanstalk as the fairy. Redington played the title role in Peter Pan at the Lewisham Theatre; she also played Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk; and she played Sandy in Grease at the Palace Theatre in Manchester.

Her film roles include Miss February in Sahara Sandwich (1991); Dorothy Rosenbaum in Flodders in America (1992); and Mandy in The Best Thing in Life (1993).

Amanda Redington has also appeared in numerous TV commercials, including those for Persil, M&M's, Coca-Cola, Vauxhall Cavalier, Daily Mail, Lunn Poly, Hamlet Cigars, Maltesers, Traveler's cheques, Vodafone, and NatWest.


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