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Amiga User International (or AUI) was a monthly computer magazine published in its later years by AUI Limited, it was the first dedicated Amiga magazine in Europe and in comparison to other Amiga magazines, AUI had a more serious perspective. One of the main features of AUI was the "AUI SuperDisks", which implemented multiple file systems and advanced compression techniques to hold far more data than a standard magazine cover disk.


The magazine was first published in November 1986 as an insert to Commodore Computing International.[1] In January 1988 it became an independent magazine.[1] The last issue of Amiga Use International appeared in May 1997.[1] A total of 127 issues was published.[2]

Amiga User International was published by different companies during its existence. The magazine was started by Croftwood Limited and published by the company until October 1990.[2] Then Maxwell Specialist Magazines published it from November 1990 to 1992.[2] Headway, Home & Law was the publisher between 1992 and 1994.[2] From 1994 to its demise in 1997 the magazine was published by AUI Limited.[2]

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