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C-lehti (sometimes written as C=lehti) was a Finnish computer magazine targeted specifically at Commodore computers.

History and profile[edit]

C-lehti was started in 1987[1][2] as a spin-off of MikroBitti and was published six time per year.[3] It was Finland's first ever computer magazine to only cover one specific family of computers. Originally, it covered the Commodore 64 (and to a lesser extent, its "bigger brother" Commodore 128) and the Amiga computers, but later it became more and more Amiga-centric, as the 64 and 128 were rapidly becoming obsolete. The magazine was part of Sanoma.[4]

Later, as the Amiga was also becoming obsolete and lost market share to the PC computers and games consoles, C-lehti discontinued and was renamed Pelit in 1992.[1][3] There were 29 magazine issues in total.

A character in C-lehti was the Guru, drawn by Harri "Wallu" Vaalio. The Guru, a bald man with a bushy beard and a shiny scalp, was the symbol for the magazine's hints and tips column. For hints & tips in computer games, he was called the Peliguru ("game guru") and had a joystick on top of his head. The Guru was never used again after the magazine was discontinued.

Even today, with the exception of some minor console magazines, C-lehti remains the only Finnish computer magazine ever to specifically concentrate on one particular vendor.[citation needed]


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