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Not to be confused with the computer games Walker or Mind Walker.
The Amiga Walker (1996).

The Amiga Walker, sometimes incorrectly known as the Mind Walker, is a prototype of an Amiga computer developed and shown by Amiga Technologies in late 1995/early 1996. Walker was planned as a replacement for the A1200 with a faster CPU, better expansion capabilities, and a built-in CD-ROM. The Walker was never released; Escom and Amiga Technologies went bankrupt, and only two prototypes were made.[1][2][3]

The case is unique and radically different from computers before it. The intention was also to make the motherboard available without the case so users could put it into a standard PC case. There were a number of other potential case designs of different sizes, the Walker motherboard could fit all of them; this allowed for expandability tailored to the user's requirements.[4]

It was poorly received. Comparisons were made with vacuum cleaners, Darth Vader's helmet and, Doctor Who's electronic dog K9.[citation needed]

Technical information[edit]


The Amiga Walker motherboard.
  • CPU:
    • Motorola 68030/33 MHz (in the prototype version)
    • Motorola 68030/40 MHz (compared to 68020/14 MHz in A1200)
  • Chipset: AGA
  • Memory:
    • 1 MB Kickstart ROM (compared to 512 kB in the original Amiga 1200)
    • 2 MB Chip RAM
    • 4 MB Fast RAM (only in the production version)
  • Drives:
    • internal CD-ROM
    • 1.44 MB internal floppy drive
  • Realtime clock onboard
  • Additional:

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