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Amin (Arabic أمين) is a given name for males meaning faithful, trustworthy. Alternative spellings include Ameen, Amien and Amine, the latter being mainly Francophone. Amin appears as a common given name among Muslims.

The female equivalent of Amin is Amina or Ameena, which is a widely used name among female Arabs.


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See also Amine (disambiguation) and Amina (disambiguation)


  • Amin, Iran, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran


Amin may also refer to:

  • "Amin" (song), a song by Anna Vissi
  • Amin (ameen), the Islamic and Arabic Christian word for amen
  • Amin or munsif, an arbitrator who assessed and collected revenue in the Parganas introduced by the Delhi Sultanate
  • Amin, surname used for some Patidar Gujaratis in India predominantly following the Hindu faith
  • Amin amin ya Rabaljalil, the state anthem for Perlis, a state in Malaysia
  • Anak Mindanao, a political party in the Philippines

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