Amin Zendegani

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Amin Zendegani
Amin Zendegani.jpg
Born (1972-08-27) August 27, 1972 (age 44)
Tehran, Iran
Education Bachelor of Theatre
Occupation Actor
Years active 1991–present
Spouse(s) Elika Abdolrazaghi (m. 2013)

Amin Zendegani (Persian: امین زندگانی‎‎) is an Iranian actor who starred as king Solomon in the film The Kingdom of Solomon.[1] He also starred in the Persian series Mukhtarnameh as Muslim ibn Aqeel.


He was born in an artistic family. His father and brother were long in the art field, and he himself now is one of the singers of the band "Seven". In 1991 he entered Art University and studied Theatrical Art, his first theatrical act to be "Hamsorayi-e Mokhtar" directed by "Mahmoud Azizi", continuing with "Stressed Rooster", "The game of The Last Tablet", etc. In 1995, he started acting in movies with "Young Advocates" directed by Bahram Beyzaii, continuing with "towards victory", "the third path", "the youth age", etc. In 1995 he won the best male actor award in Fajr Film Festival, and 2001 he was people's favorite actor of TV series. He also appeared in the movie "Mission in Tehran", which won 11 Golden Kolts in the Police Film Festival in Moscow.


Mokhtarnameh (2008) Muslim ibn Aqil

Kingdom of Solomon (2010) Prophet Solomon


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