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Amity College
Amity College Logo.png
(1)Amity College Auburn.jpg
Auburn campus
Illawarra, Auburn and Prestons, New South Wales, Sydney
Type Independent, non-denominational
Motto Inspire. Explore. Achieve.
Religious affiliation(s) None
Established 1994
Gender Boys, Girls
Colour(s) Light Blue, Navy Blue, Grey, White, Red

Amity College is an independent, non-denominational school that is currently operating in three different campuses:

  • Prestons Campus (the Main Campus) commenced its operation in 1996 with only 33 students. Main campus consists of Primary, Secondary Boys’ and Secondary Girls’ sections. Amity College has been offering a K-12 program at the Main Campus since 2002. It is also the most successful campus with the highest ATAR of 99.90, which was achieved by Zobia Khan in 2015.
  • Illawarra campus commenced operation in 1999 with K-2 classes. Currently, the school caters for students from years K-10 (as of 2018).
  • Auburn campus commenced operation in 2001 with K-2 classes. Currently, the school caters for students from years K-6.


The Amity College story starts with the formation of its founding body, Galaxy Foundation (formerly Feza Foundation) in 1994. The foundation was established by a group of active individuals from Turkish backgrounds who wanted to make a contribution to the community, particularly in the field of education.

With the enormous community support, it wasn’t long until Galaxy Foundation bought the land in 1995 and established its first school, which used to be known as Sule (means light in Turkish) College in Prestons. In February 1996, Sule College opened its doors to its first students, with 33 children from Kindergarten to Year 3. The following year, The College had enrolled 282 students from Kindergarten to Year 7. The College continued to grow rapidly and in 1999 it extended its educational services to Illawarra region by opening a one stream Primary School. Due to the demand from the community, another primary school was opened in the district of Auburn in 2001. Over the years, the level of quality of education attracted the attention of the broader community, resulting in a large influx of students and teachers from various backgrounds. Thus, Amity College became a multicultural family with over 1700 students from more than 40 nationalities. This diversity in the student/teacher composition of the school inspired the School Board to re-consider its name and seek one that is more embracing of the community it reflects. After a long process of community and stake holder consultations, the name of the school was changed to Amity College.


Amity College was ranked 127th in the Academic School Year of 2017.


Amity currently has 6 principals, five being campus principals and one being the executive principal;

  • Hasan - Amity College Boys High School Principal[1]
  • Serkan Iner - Amity College Auburn Primary Principal[2]
  • Mehmet Aslan - Amity College Illawara Principal[3]
  • Ilhan Eroglu - Amity College Prestons Primary Principal[4]
  • Alpaslan Cem Sancinli - Amity College Girls High School[5]
  • Deniz Erdogan - Executive Principal [6]

Extracurricular Activities[edit]

Amity College can be noted for its strong offering in extra-curricular activities. The school participates in many volunteering activities such as the Worlds Greatest Shave and Daffodil Day.


Amity College engages in many Sport Activities. These include yearly events such as the athletic carnivals and participating in ISD events. The school has ranked in sports such as;

  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Oztag

The school also organises Sports Camps such as a yearly Ski camp, this is offered to high school students.

Pastoral Care[7][edit]

The aims of Amity College’s Pastoral Care program are as follows:

  • Instil common humanistic values of tolerance, responsibility, compassion, courtesy, dignity, honesty, integrity, understanding, empathy and inclusion.
  • Develop social skills that will enable students to survive in society and to become valuable and active participants of the community through intellectual, emotional and personal nourishment.
  • Cater for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of students

Our activities are:

  • Social justice projects (age care centre visits, appeals for the homeless, mentoring kids with special needs, mentoring asylum seekers, opening water wells in Africa, orphanage refurbishment overseas
  • Charity campaigns
  • Camps (reading, studying and activity camps open to all year levels)
  • Parent programs (family visits, celebrations, seminars, BBQ days, iftar-dinner)
  • Picnics and outings
  • Clubs
  • Lunch time discussions
  • After school programs (studying, reading, discussions and sport activities)

Volunteer/Charity Work[edit]

Amity College makes contributions to various different charities and all senior students are offered to partake in a project. Furthermore, the school runs variuos charity events such as the Worlds Greatest Shave, daffodil and harmony day. All the proceeds have been donated to charity organisations.

The current Year 12 Students are now raising funds to open a Health Clinic in Battambang, Cambodia[8]. See: @BattambangHC

Art and Culture Expo[9][edit]

An annual event that endeavors to showcase student creativity and skill. This is run after school and all students are offered to showcase some sort of skill. Parents are welcome.

Maths Cup[edit]

Amity College Website;

"The Maths Cup is an electrifying competition which redefines how students experience Maths. It is designed to encourage a greater student interest in mathematics, to put the fun back into functions, to create a desire to solve challenging puzzles, and to foster a burgeoning joy within students for problem solving and teamwork.

Having started from humble beginnings, but now enjoying a rich and storied heritage, the Maths Cup has quickly grown into one of the most exciting Maths competitions.

Every year on the first Thursday of September, this captivating competition allows Year 6 students from across NSW to test themselves against the best the state has to offer, adding to the challenges, multiplying the excitement, and providing infinite thrills for all who choose to take up the test."


On Sunday, 17 April 2016, Amity College co-hosted one of the biggest events in its 20 years of establishment: the International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC). This spectacular event showcased wonderful performances by students from 22 different countries, further highlighting the cultural mosaic of Australia and the world in which we live. Within a matter of a week in which all performers were together they returned home in tears, as they had formed very close bonds with their fellow performers from other countries. IFLC has proven that as humans we can be ‘colour-blind’ – that the colour of our skin does not prevent us from forming friendships and living in peace and harmony. These young performers from all corners of the globe have become our peace ambassadors advocating the peace; harmony and friendship that this world is in dire need of.



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