Amos Horev

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Amos Horev
Amos horev.jpeg
Born 1924 (age 93–94)
Jerusalem, British Mandate of Palestine (now Jerusalem, Israel)
Nationality Israeli
Education Technion
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BA and Master's in mechanical engineering)
Known for former IDF Major-General; President of Technion; military expert; nuclear scientist
Title Professor
Spouse(s) Shoshana Horev[1]
Children Yehiam (son)[2]

Amos Horev (Hebrew: עמוס חורב‎; born 1924, Jerusalem) is an Israeli military official and expert. He served as a Haganah fighter before the founding of the state, and was later an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Major-General, Chief of Ordnance and subsequently Quartermaster General and Chief Scientist of the IDF, nuclear scientist, President of Technion University, and Chairman of Rafael.[3][4][5][6][7][8] In June 2010, he was appointed to the Israeli special independent Turkel Commission of Inquiry into the Gaza flotilla raid.[9]

Amos Horev in Katamon during Operation Yevusi


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