Mueang Trang District

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Mueang Trang

Trang Railway Station
Amphoe location in Trang Province
Amphoe location in Trang Province
Coordinates: 7°33′30″N 99°36′36″E / 7.55833°N 99.61000°E / 7.55833; 99.61000Coordinates: 7°33′30″N 99°36′36″E / 7.55833°N 99.61000°E / 7.55833; 99.61000
 • Total548.6 km2 (211.8 sq mi)
 • Total147,034
 • Density268.0/km2 (694/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code92000

Mueang Trang (Thai: เมืองตรัง, pronounced [mɯ̄a̯ŋ trāŋ]), also Mueang Thap Thiang (Thai: เมืองทับเที่ยง), is the capital district (amphoe mueang) of Trang Province, Thailand. The city (thesaban nakhon) has a population of 59,637 (2005) and covers the whole tambon Thap Thiang of Mueang Trang District.


Mueang Trang or the previous name Thap Thiang, became the capital district of Trang Province in 1915, when the capital was moved inland from Kantang, which was prone to flooding.


Neighboring districts are (from the south clockwise) Na Yong, Yan Ta Khao, Kantang, Sikao, Wang Wiset, Huai Yot of Trang Province and Si Banphot of Phatthalung Province.


The district is divided into 15 sub-districts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 118 villages (muban). The city (thesaban nakhon) Trang covers the whole tambon Thap Thiang. The township (thesaban tambon) Khlong Teng covers parts of tambon Na Tham Nuea. There are further 14 tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai name Villages Pop.
1. Thap Thiang ทับเที่ยง - 59,637
4. Na Phala นาพละ 10 3,382
5. Ban Khuan บ้านควน 6 3,928
6. Na Bin La นาบินหลา 6 3,381
7. Khuan Pring ควนปริง 6 7,603
8. Na Yong Tai นาโยงใต้ 8 4,537
9. Bang Rak บางรัก 6 3,917
10. Khok Lo โคกหล่อ 12 10,557
13. Na To Ming นาโต๊ะหมิง 6 4,809
14. Nong Trut หนองตรุด 9 5,482
15. Nam Phut น้ำผุด 12 9,683
17. Na Ta Luang นาตาล่วง 6 5,843
18. Ban Pho บ้านโพธิ์ 10 8,360
19. Na Tham Nuea นาท่ามเหนือ 13 10,509
20. Na Tham Tai นาท่ามใต้ 8 5,406
 Map of tambon

Missing numbers are tambon which now form Na Yong District.


Na Muen Si village in tambon Na Yong is the home of the Na Muen Si Woven Cloth Community Enterprise. The group of mostly elderly women has resurrected the village's ancient art of weaving. The collective weaves 39 patterns using 10 traditional looms along with ki kratuk shuttle looms. In 2014, the Na Muen Si Woven Cloth Museum opened with the financial support of local authorities and the Central Group. The museum exhibits about 100 traditional fabrics donated by the elders of the village and also newly woven cloth that exhibits its 32 original patterns.[1]

Notable people[edit]


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