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Amsterdam–Rhine Canal

Coordinates: 52°9′8″N 5°0′23″E / 52.15222°N 5.00639°E / 52.15222; 5.00639
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52°9′8″N 5°0′23″E / 52.15222°N 5.00639°E / 52.15222; 5.00639

Amsterdam–Rhine Canal
Map of the Amsterdam–Rhine Canal
Length72 km (45 mi)
Date completed1952
Start pointAmsterdam, Netherlands
End pointWaal river near Tiel, Netherlands

The Amsterdam–Rhine Canal (Dutch: Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal) is a canal in the Netherlands that was built to connect the port and capital city of Amsterdam to the main shipping artery of the Rhine. Its course follows a generally southeasterly direction as it goes through the city of Utrecht towards Wijk bij Duurstede where it intersects the Lek branch of the Rhine and then continues on to the river Waal near Tiel, with a branch, the Lek Canal, to the Lek near Nieuwegein.[1][2] The Amsterdam-Rhine Canal is the world's most frequented artificial waterway with an annual average of 100,000 ships.[3][better source needed]


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