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Amyl may refer to:

  • Amylum or starch, a carbohydrate
    • Amylopectin, a polymer of glucose found in plants; one of two components of starch
    • Amylose, a helical polymer made of α-D-glucose units; one of two components of starch
  • Pentyl, a five-carbon alkyl functional group, also known by the common non-systematic name amyl
  • Amyl nitrite, also known as Amyl when used as a recreational drug

See also[edit]

  • Amylamine, a solvent and raw material
  • Amylase, an enzyme that catalyses the hydrolysis of starch into sugars
  • Amyloid, fibrous protein aggregates, named based on an mistaken belief that they contained starch
  • Amyloplast, non-pigmented organelles found in some plant cells
  • Amyl acetate, used as a flavoring agent, solvent, and in the preparation of penicillin
  • Amyl alcohol, a solvent
  • Amyl nitrate, organic reagent and diesel fuel additive
  • Amyl nitrite, used to treat heart diseases and cyanide poisoning