Ana José Nacho

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Ana José Nacho
Mecano-Ana Jose Nacho.jpg
Compilation album by Mecano
Released 24 March 1998 (1998-03-24) (Spain)
Recorded 1998
Genre Pop music
Length 131:31
Label BMG Music Spain
Producer Mecano
Mecano chronology
Ana Jose Nacho
Mecano: Grandes Éxitos
(2005)Mecano: Grandes Éxitos2005
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Ana José Nacho is a compilation album by the group Mecano. It was released in 1998, and was produced by the group itself. There are two editions: Spain and France. It includes 8 new songs by the brothers Cano: José and Nacho; these tracks were recorded in CTS Studios and Belsize Park in London; and Red Led and Eurosonic in Madrid.

Spain edition[edit]

This edition was presented in 2 CDs. The Spanish release includes eight new songs, six of which were culled out from the group's previous work, the album Aidalai; the other two are new versions of their successful song "Aire" (Air) and the song named "El club de los humildes" (The club of the humble ones).

The other six "new" songs are "Cuerpo y corazón" (Body and heart) that talks about the world of prostitution; "Otro muerto" (Another dead person) that shows different interpretations around the theme of death and terrorism; "Stereosexual", a story about a man questioning his sexuality (It was censored in some countries of Latin America), "El mundo futuro" (The future world) exhibits a concern for a life and feelings increasingly material and superficial; "Esto no es una canción" (This is not a song) tells a tragic story about how drug addiction is destroying the life of a man; and "Los piratas del amor" (Pirates of love) tells the experiences of men who are promiscuous and womanizers. An altered version of this song entitled "Canción de los piratas" (Song of the Pirates) was released as a single; this altered version featured child-friendly lyrics and was written for Telecinco's "Club Disney" container program.

Track listing[edit]

  • Disc 1
  1. Cuerpo y corazón
  2. Otro muerto
  3. El club de los humildes
  4. Aire (otra versión)
  5. Un año más
  6. Naturaleza muerta
  7. Hoy no me puedo levantar
  8. Dalí
  9. El 7 de septiembre
  10. Me cuesta tanto olvidarte
  11. La fuerza del destino
  12. No es serio este cementerio
  13. Hermano sol, hermana luna
  14. Una rosa es una rosa
  15. Maquillaje
  16. Hijo de la luna
  • Disc 2
  1. Stereosexual
  2. El mundo futuro
  3. Esto no es una canción
  4. Los piratas del amor
  5. El uno, el dos, el tres
  6. Barco a Venus
  7. Cruz de navajas
  8. Ay, qué pesado
  9. No hay marcha en Nueva York
  10. Perdido en mi habitación
  11. Hawaii-Bombay
  12. Dalai Lama
  13. Mujer contra mujer
  14. Me colé en una fiesta

French edition[edit]

The French edition of this compilation, on a single disc, was released simultaneously with the Spanish one. It includes six new songs in Spanish, the French version of three of them, and a collection of songs from previous albums sung in French.

The three new songs in French are "Le club des modestes" (The club of the humble ones), "Corps et coeur" (Heart and body) and "Frère Soleil, Soeur Lune" (Brother Sun, Sister Moon). "Encore un mort" (Another dead person) was not included due to a last-minute error by the composer, but was recorded and released as a B-side single. The tracks were recorded in London.

Track listing[edit]


  1. Une Femme Avec Une Femme
  2. Hijo de la Luna (Dis-moi Lune D'Argent)
  3. Dalai Lama
  4. No Hay Marcha en Nueva York
  5. Le Club Des Modestes
  6. Otro Muerto
  7. Toi
  8. 1 Histoire à 3
  9. Corps & Coeur
  10. Le 7 Septembre
  11. Stereosexual
  12. Esto No es Una Canción
  13. El Mundo Futuro
  14. Los Piratas del Amor
  15. El Blues del Esclavo
  16. Frère Soleil, Soeur Lune
  17. Aire (Nouvelle version)


Album charts[edit]

# Chart Peak
1. "Lat. Pop Albums" 10
2. "Top Lat. Albums" 28
3. "France Charts" 8[3]
4. "Belgium Charts" 15[4]
5. "Spain Charts" 22[5]

Single Charts[edit]

Date Title Chart Positions B-Sides
Lat. Air.
23 March
El club de los
10 8 4 1 8 5 1 10 10 2 19[8] Hijo de la Luna
Stereosexual 2 3 10 1 1 5 10 9 10 10 - Por la cara
Cuerpo y corazón 5 10 10 2 1 2 9 9 9 3 - Cuerpo y corazón
Otro muerto 10 10 - - - - - - - - - Encore un mort
1999 El mundo futuro - 9 - - - - - - - 10 - -