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Ana María Campoy (26 July 1925 – 8 July 2006) was an Argentine actress of Colombian origin. She was born in Bogotá, the child of a couple of actors who had a theatre company in Spain. She began acting at the age of 4, and at 17 she formed her own company.

In 1947, while in Guatemala, she married Argentine actor and director Pepe Cibrián, with whom she had two sons. Two years later they settled in Argentina. There, Campoy acted on TV, cinema and theatre; she also published a book of love stories. She received two Martín Fierro Awards, a Konex Award for her comedy acting, and a Podestá Award to her career in theatre.

Campoy died of recurring pneumonia in a hospital of Buenos Aires in 2006, two weeks before turning 81.

Selected filmography[edit]