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Desembocadura Río Andarax.JPG
Mouth of the River Andarax
Country Spain
Basin features
Main source Cerro del Almirez, Almería
2,509 metres (8,232 ft)
River mouth Mediterranean Sea near Almería
0 metres (0 ft)
Physical characteristics
Length 67 kilometres (42 mi)
Rivers of Andalusia. The Andarax is second from the right of the rivers reaching the Mediterranean.
Rivers of Almería. The Andarax is at bottom center.

The Andarax (Spanish: río Andarax)—also, in its lower reaches, Almería River or River Almería (Spanish: río Almería)—is a river in the province of Almería, Andalusia, Spain. It arises in the easternmost part of the Sierra Nevada[1] in the Cerro del Almirez.[citation needed] Its entire course is within the province of Almería.[1] It flows through the Valley of Andarax south of the Sierra Nevada, running eastwards, and joins the River Nacimiento at the village of Terque, below which it is more commonly called the Almería River.[citation needed]

It then turns southwards and passes through the Tabernas Desert, where it receives the intermittent waters of the Rambla de Tabernas, its last significant tributary. It passes through the municipalities of Rioja, Pechina, Viator, and Benahadux, where it waters many citrus orchards. Finally, it reaches the sea on the outskirts of the city of Almería, forming a wide delta. The fertile plain of the delta has been slowly lost to the expanding city of Almería.[citation needed]

In the time of the Roman Empire, the river carried a larger volume of water, and was navigable as far as Pechina.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 37°00′55″N 2°53′21″W / 37.0153°N 2.88917°W / 37.0153; -2.88917