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Anders Dahlvig, born 1957 in Sweden, is the former president of the Swedish furniture store chain, IKEA. Dahlvig started working for IKEA in 1984 and has held various positions since, including Store Manager, Country Manager of United Kingdom and Vice President, Europe. He held the position of CEO between 1999 and 2009 and has received various recognitions for IKEA Group’s work to promote diversity. Dahlvig currently serves as Chairman of group parent company Inter-IKEA (2016). Dahlvig is a member of European Retail Round Table and received the Swedish award for Good Environmental Leadership in 2002 for his independent and persistent work with environmental and sustainability issues. In 2006, he also received the U.S. Foreign Policy Association’s Global Social Responsibility award. Dahlvig is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences. He earned a B.S. in business administration from Lund University and a Master’s degree in economics from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Additionally, Anders Dahlvig serves on the Board of UK-based retailer Kingfisher plc as a non-executive Director.

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