André Paiement

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André Paiement
Born (1950-06-28)28 June 1950
Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada
Died 23 January 1978(1978-01-23) (aged 27)
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Playwright

André Paiement (June 28, 1950 - January 23, 1978) was a Canadian playwright and musician. He was one of the most prominent Franco-Ontarian artists, playing a key role in developing many of the cultural institutions of the community.


Born in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Paiement studied translation at Laurentian University in Sudbury, and got involved in theatre. With a group of other artists, including Robert Paquette, he wrote and staged the musical Moé, j'viens du Nord, s'tie! in 1970. The artists subsequently formed the Coopérative des artistes du Nouvel Ontario, which evolved in a variety of directions: some established the professional theatre company Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, while others (including Paiement and his sister Rachel) formed the progressive rock band CANO-Musique.[1]

Paiement himself was active in both the theatre and band projects. His stage productions included Et le septième jour..., À mes fils bien-aimés, La vie et les temps de Médéric Boileau, Lavalléville and an adaptation in Franco-Ontarian dialect of Molière's Malade imaginaire. He was also a key organizer behind the music festivals La Nuit sur l'étang and Northern Lights Festival Boréal.

Paiement committed suicide on January 23, 1978.[2]


Theater plays[edit]

  • 1970 - Moé j'viens du Nord, s'tie!
  • 1970 - Et le septième jour
  • 1971 - Pépère parent
  • 1972 - À mes fils bien-aimés
  • 1973 - La Vie et les temps de Médéric Boileau
  • 1974 - Lavalléville, comédie musicale franco-ontarienne
  • 1977 - A book of thoughts and words, inédit.


  • See CANO
  • 1968 - At morn, at noon, at twillight dim
  • 1977 - Blue dradonfly


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