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Professor Andrew Martin is a British computer scientist, Deputy Director and lecturer in Software Engineering Programme at the University of Oxford, England.[1][2] He is a member of the Oxford University Department of Computer Science. He is the director of Oxford University's Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security.[3]


He obtained BA in Mathematics and Computation (1986–1989) and DPhil in Machine-Assisted Theorem Proving for Software Engineering (1991–1994) from the University of Oxford.[1][2]


After his first degree, he joined Praxis High Integrity Systems, Bath as Industrial Software Engineer.[2] After his DPhil, he became Research Fellow at the Software Verification Research Centre in the University of Queensland in Australia.[2] Before taking up his current post in 1999, he was briefly a lecturer in the University of Southampton.[2]


Martin's publications cover software engineering, security, trusted computing in general and formal methods in particular [4][5]


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