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Andrew Picken Orr FRSE ARIC (1898–1962) was a 20th-century Scottish oceanographer and was an expert on phytoplankton and copepod biology.


He was born in Ayrshire on 6 August 1898. He was educated at Kilmarnock Academy.

In the First World War he served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Scots Fusiliers. He served in France and was wounded in action then captured as a prisoner-of-war.[1] After the war he studied Science at Glasgow University graduating MA BSc.

In 1923 he became chemist to the Millport Research Station and in 1929 was part of the Great Barrier Reef Expedition with Sheina Marshall in 1929,[2] working with her for around 40 years in total. Orr rose to be Depute Director of the station.

In 1948 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. His proposers were Sir Maurice Yonge, Charles Wynford Parsons, Otto Lowenstein and James Wilfred Cook.[3]

He died on 19 September 1962. On his death Sheina Marshall became Depute Director at Millport.


  • Sedimentation on Low Isles Reef (1931)
  • The Biology of a Marine Copepod (1955) with Sheina Marshall
  • On the Biology of Calanus Finmarchicus (1955) with Sheina Marshall


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