Andriana Babali

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Andriana Babali
Andriana babali polis.jpg
Background information
Born 1976 (age 40–41)
Athens, Greece
Genres Alternative Pop, pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Years active 1998–present
Labels Feelgood Records
Associated acts Haris Alexiou
George Dalaras

Andriana Babali (Greek: Ανδριάνα Μπάμπαλη) born in 1976 is a Greek singer and songwriter.


Born and raised in Athens Greece, Andriana studied economics and music. She began singing as a vocalist/percussionist with rock singer-songwriter Nikos Portokaloglou Band[1] in 1998. This led to her first studio recording 'Den Ein' Arga' from the OST of 'Brazilero', which became a major radio hit,[2] and also her first solo album 'Kai I Gi Gyrizei', following a contract with Universal Music. She sang 'Gine Kommatia (Nocturnal Reggae)' on Portokaloglou's album 'Dipsa' and it became a major hit in both Greece and France. France's Ethnic Radio 'RFI Musique' included Gine Kommatia to their Top 10 list for over 3 months.[3]

In 2004, Andriana was nominated for the 'Arion Awards' (Greece's most popular Music Awards) in the category for 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Female Pop Singer'. That same year, she appeared on Stefanos Korkolis's album 'Anemoptero' singing the title song, and on Kostas Livadas's 'Ti Hronia Ki Afti', singing 'Mia Mera Emine Akoma'.

During the Winter of 2004-2005, she performed alongside George Dalaras.[4] In May 2005 she released her second studio album 'Min Pis Pote', following a new contract with Minos EMI. This album was repackaged in February 2006 featuring a new song by Stefanos Korkolis (music) and Rebecca Roussi (lyrics) which was used in a popular TV advertisement.[5]

In June 2007, she released her third studio album 'Des Kathara'. The title song's music video, an adaptation of Calogero's 'Face à la mer' with Greek lyrics by Nikos Moraitis, directed by Maria Skoka,[6] won the Best Music Video Award for the Greek Video Music Awards 2008.[7] In the summer of 2008, she performed alongside Haris Alexiou and Babis Stokas, giving concerts throughout Greece,[8] Cyprus,[9] Turkey, and Israel.

In May 2009, she released her fourth album 'The Rose Tattoo', a selection of 1950s and 1960s Greek and international hits, arranged by composer Minos Matsas. This album was recorded in Los Angeles and Athens, Greece, using Skype.[10]
In late 2010, Babali released her fifth studio album titled 'O Tzon Tzon Zi' (John-John is alive) which is entirely written and composed by lyricist Nikos Moraitis and virtuoso violist and composer Stamos Semsis.

Around that time, the successful Greek TV series The Island used 'Ise Esi O Anthropos Mou' (from her 2009 album: The Rose Tattoo) for the series theme song, which ranked #1 in iTunes (Gr) sales,[11] whilst it's been rereleased, included in the OST. The winter of 2011, she collaborated in the studio[12] and in live performances[13] with Michalis Hatzigiannis giving concerts around Greece, Cyprus, North America, and Canada.

After a studio collaboration with George Dalaras on his album 'Ti Tha Pei Etsi Einai', Andriana toured with him throughout Greece and Cyprus.[14]

At the same time, she composed music for the 'Dagipoli Dance Co' show 'HUMATERRA', and performed live in it, giving shows in the Athens Concert Hall, in Istanbul[15] and Piccolo Teatro (Milan).[16]


  • In 2010, Ari Bafalouka's[17] (Director) film entitled 'Apnea',[18] where Andriana co-starred with well known Greek actors such as Giorgos Karamihos, Youlika Skafida, Iro Moukiou and Akilas Karazisis, aired in the Montreal World Film Festival. The film received very positive reviews from critics[19][20] and was selected for the Fipresci and Audience Award at the 51st Thessaloniki Film Festival,[21] and the Audience Award 'Best Film' in SEE FEST - Los Angeles 2011.[22] The film screened at several festivals worldwide, and premiered in Greek theatres in January 2011.[23]
  • In early 2011, Andriana participated in a theatrical production for the first time, acting as well as singing, for Yorgos Nanouris's play 'Greece 11'.[24]

Latest News[edit]

  • During the winter of 2015-2016 she collaborated on stage with Babis Stokas, and the summer of 2016 finds her singing in concerts with the great Greek Composer Mimis Plessas


Andriana Babali discography
Studio albums 6
Music videos 13
EPs 1
Singles 13
Soundtrack albums 4



  • Me Hriazete (EP) (2006)


  • Den Ein' Arga (2001)
  • Moira Mou Egines (2003)
  • Gyrna Piso (2003)
  • Gine Kommatia (Nychterino Renge) (2004)
  • Min Pis Pote (2005)
  • Mazi Theos (2006)
  • Des Kathara (Face à la mer) (2007)
  • Diakopes Sti Baniera (2010)
  • Periplanomeno (2010)
  • Koukla Spasmeni (2010)
  • Pente Vimata (2013)
  • Ta Dahtylidia (2013)
  • T' Akoustika [feat. Onirama] (2014)
  • Mesopelaga (2015)
  • Oute Gi' Asteio (duet with Rous) (2016)



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