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Andy Steggall is the head of PR at the Ordnance Survey and a former television sports presenter, producer and filmmaker. He produces the South and West edition of the BBC regional football show Late Kick Off[1] and has been working for Sky on several other projects. He runs two television production companies specialising in sport – Pergall Productions and Pergall Media. He has previously worked for TVS, Meridian, ITN, Setanta, Channel 4, Sunset and Vine, TWI and GMTV.


Steggall began his broadcasting career in local radio at BBC Radio Leicester and then Centre Radio and Southern Sound. He started his television career as a reporter and presenter for TVS before working on Channel 4 Daily and GMTV. He then presented sport and news for Meridian. He freelances as a presenter for Sky Sports News.

He presented Ski Tips (ITV), a skiing magazine programme produced and directed by Stuart Nimmo, for several years before Steggall produced the last series. He fronted the series Conquer the Arctic (TWI/Channel 4). He was the reporter on a Channel 4 documentary about Shane Warne. He produced UcanDOit, a series of films about grassroots sport for Sky. He has also produced several programmes about golf for Sky and is working on a documentary about the history of the Professional Footballers' Association.

He runs Pergall Media with Match of the Day commentators John Roder and Louis Browne, and a number of media training courses both on his own and in conjunction with other companies.

In popular culture[edit]

Short-lived British Hardcore/Metal act Stegel named themselves after the television presenter.[2]


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