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"Angel Eyes" is a 1946 popular song composed by Matt Dennis, with lyrics by Earl Brent. It was featured in the 1953 film Jennifer. First edition by Dorsey Bros Music a Div. of Music Sales Corp (ASCAP) 1946 (Renewed).

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\tempo "Slow blues"
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Because of its colourful harmonic changes, "Angel Eyes" is a very popular jazz standard which has inspired many original interpretations. Several performers have recorded different versions of the song, including Bill Henderson, Chet Baker, Don Ellis, Kenny Burrell, Pat Metheny, Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, Sonny Stitt, Neil Sedaka, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Pearson, Hank Crawford, Earl Grant, Jim Hall, James Anthony, Wayne Shorter, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Charles Neville, Oscar Peterson, Sting and Duke Ellington. Ella Fitzgerald, who recorded "Angel Eyes" at least four times, named it as her all-time favorite song.[1] In 1971, when Sinatra held what he intended to be his farewell concert (and the end to his show business career), he closed with "Angel Eyes". His retirement lasted only two years.

Selected recorded versions[edit]

A version of the song appeared on the compilation album Jaffa Music EP (2008).[3] The song was also sampled by Nas in his single "The Message" from It Was Written (1996),[4] and by Sadistik in his single "Angel Eyes", from the 2008 album The Balancing Act.[5]


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  • "Angel Eyes" – Steyn's Song of the Week, February 9, 2014.