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Angel of Death may refer to:


Hebrew Bible[edit]

  • The Passover "Angel of Death", a destroying angel commonly described as the deliverer of the tenth plague in the Book of Exodus
  • Destroying angel (Bible), other destroying angels, named and unnamed, in the Bible

Later Judaism[edit]

  • Michael (archangel), carries Adam to his grave in some texts
  • Gabriel, angel of death over kings
  • Samael, an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore


  • Yama, lord of death


  • Michael (archangel), good angel of death
  • Samael, evil angel of death
  • Abaddon, also called Apollyon, a destroying angel in the Book of Revelation
  • Santa Muerte, a sacred figure venerated primarily in Mexico and the United States


  • Azrael, the Archangel of Death in some traditions. However, there are no authentic references from the Quran or the Hadeeth therefore, Muslims simply call it as angel of death or ملك الموت.

Historical figures[edit]

  • Louis Antoine de Saint-Just (1767–1794), French revolutionary organizer of the Reign of Terror
  • Josef Mengele (1911–1979), German SS officer and Nazi concentration camp doctor
  • August Miete (1908–1978), German SS officer and Nazi extermination camp officer
  • Irma Grese (1923–1945), German SS officer and Nazi concentration camp guard
  • Alfredo Astiz (born 1951), Argentine Navy officer known as the "Blond Angel of Death"

Serial killers[edit]

  • Beverley Allitt (born 1968), English nurse who murdered four child patients in Lincolnshire, UK
  • Richard Angelo (born 1962), New York nurse who poisoned 35 patients, killing ten
  • Charles Cullen (born 1960), American nurse who is thought to be responsible for more than 40 patients' unexplained deaths in hospitals within New Jersey and Pennsylvania, US
  • Kristen Gilbert (born 1967), American nurse who murdered four patients in Massachusetts, US
  • Donald Harvey (born 1952), American orderly and convicted serial killer who claims to have murdered 87 people
  • Colin Norris (born 1976), Scottish nurse and serial killer
  • Harold Shipman (1946–2004), English doctor who murdered up to 250 elderly patients.





"Angel of Death" Hank Williams Sr. song

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