Anil Kamath

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Anil Kamath
Born Bombay
Nationality Indian
Occupation Web and technology entrepreneur
Known for Efficient Frontier (company)

Anil Kamath is a web and technology entrepreneur. He is the founder of and of Efficient Frontier. Kamath holds the patent on use of modern portfolio theory to the field of online advertising.[1]

Personal life and education[edit]

Originally from Bombay, India, Kamath has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from IIT Bombay.


Kamath worked at Bell Labs and did his PhD in the area of Mathematical optimization.[2] Kamath used his PhD work in the area of optimization to build quantitative models for program trading at the hedge fund of D. E. Shaw & Co. Kamath later started Efficient Frontier (company) and applied the same portfolio optimization techniques to the area of online advertising.[3] Kamath headed the algorithms and optimization work at Efficient Frontier until its acquisition by Adobe Systems.[4] At Adobe, Anil Kamath runs the data science group and is responsible for Adobe's data science collaborations with universities and Adobe's digital marketing research awards program.[5]

Before Efficient Frontier, Kamath founded,[6] an ecommerce company providing comparison shopping and digital wallet services, that was acquired by Bizrate (Shopzilla).[7] At Bizrate, Kamath developed a contextual advertising product.[8]


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